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ProteinQure portfolio pipeline

Sortilin (SORT1) platform

Using ProteinStudio, our proprietary technology for computational peptide design, we developed high-affinity SORT1 targeting peptides that efficiently internalize and shuttle to the lysosome via a SORT1-dependent mechanism. These peptides serve as a platform for cargo delivery into SORT1 expressing cells. We are now currently developing the platform for various therapeutic applications including the delivery of cytotoxic agents, radioisotopes, and oligonucleotides. Read more in our whitepaper.

Read more about our Soritilin platform by clicking here or the graph above.

Discovery projects

We are also exploring a breadth of additional opportunities using the ProteinStudio discovery platform to design peptide-based cargo delivery therapeutics targeting antigens with tissue tropism. We are open to working with collaborators interested in delivery to tissues where we’ve already identified receptors with PQStudio platform fit. Current opportunities include kidney, pancreas, cardiomyocytes, and select immune cell lineages.

Our Address

We are located in downtown Toronto; one of the fastest growing tech hubs in North America. At the heart of the university and life sciences ecosystems, we benefit from great relationships with the surrounding players in AI and biotech.

ProteinQure - Designing a healthier tomorrow

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Office Address: 119 Spadina Ave Suite 304, Toronto, ON M5V 2L1, Canada



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