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  • Tissue-specific peptidic ligands
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  • Computational scaffold-based peptide libraries
    Drug-like properties now, not later.
  • Thousands of non-canonical amino acids.
    Lead optimization even with small datasets.

Welcome to computational protein drug design.

Our mission:

Novel medicines enabled by advances in peptide design

ProteinQure is a computational company focused on the design of novel exotic peptides with therapeutic applications. We have developed ProteinStudio an integrated platform of proprietary technologies and core capabilities to solve complex drug design challenges. Platform validation has been proven (including multiple times in-vivo) via the development of an internal pipeline of maturing assets for tissue specific delivery as well as via external partnerships.

Computer generated scaffolds, 1000s of commercially available NCAAs and high quality assays means we can now design unprecedented drug-like peptides with small amounts of data.

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Tissue-specific delivery peptides

Our proprietary peptides can be used to deliver a variety of therapeutic payloads intracellularly via receptor mediated endocystosis.

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Library design

We design synthetic peptide libraries (10^6 to 10^12) with high-stability scaffolds, variable size (10-30 amino acids), and enhanced drug-like properties (linear, cyclic, other).

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Optimization and de-novo design

Utilizing ProteinStudio, we can modify natural or synthetic peptide ligands to obtain unprecedented drug-like properties, including efficacy, selectivity, solubility, and stability. Novel de-novo ligands can be designed even in cases with no known hits.

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Despite their inherent advantages, it is very difficult to design protein-based therapeutics. Computational tools have been previously held back because of proteins' larger size and the lack of available structural data. We leverage physics-based methods and novel machine learning algorithms to overcome these challenges.

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Peptide advantages for drug delivery

Tissue specificity and penetration

By choosing tissue-restricted targets which undergo internalization, we ensure that the therapeutic payload is going to the right cells. Their small size also enhances tissue penetration.

Redosable and tolerable

Peptides can be engineered to be non-immunogenic by design, we can also achieve an unprecedented range of necessary PK profiles.

Flexible building blocks

Peptide conjugates are much easier to manufacture. Novel chemistries allow for a wide range of conjugations and they can succeed in many routes of administration.

The combination of designed peptide libraries, based on ProteinQure’s computational methods, with our advanced capabilities in display technologies will help us harness the potential of this therapeutic class.

Tristan Vaughan, VP of Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering, AstraZeneca

Our Address

We are located in downtown Toronto; one of the fastest growing tech hubs in North America. At the heart of the university and life sciences ecosystems, we benefit from great relationships with the surrounding players in AI and biotech.

ProteinQure - Designing a healthier tomorrow

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Office Address: 119 Spadina Ave Suite 304, Toronto, ON M5V 2L1, Canada



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