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A quantum leap in drug discovery

At ProteinQure, we are building a computational platform for the design of protein therapeutics. Our mission is to help to create a world where drugs are engineered, not just discovered. We partner with industry leaders in drug discovery to generate novel therapeutics outside of the conventional chemical space.

Our applications

Our technology combines computational biophysical models with statistical and machine learning approaches to enable us to search across vast spaces of protein therapeutics. We build and deploy these computational modules using a scalable computing infrastructure and complement their predictions with results from wet lab experiments.

ibm quantum computer

Structure determination

We enable rational drug discovery by applying new methodologies for structure determination given only protein sequences as input. Experimental data increases our accuracy through the use of integrative models.

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Protein design

From a few target-specific de novo protein binders to high diversity protein libraries, we'll design whatever it takes to make novel protein therapeutics; even if it means scoring trillions of structures.

multiparameter optimization landscape

Property optimization

We perform iterative optimization of therapeutic leads to preserve properties like binding affinity, selectivity, stability and solubility. This multi-parameter optimization requires a search over vast areas of sequence space.

Protein drugs of tomorrow

Despite their inherent advantages, it is very difficult to design protein based therapeutics. ProteinQure is building scalable technologies to aid in structure based protein design.

protein therapeutics scale


Proteins can target a wider range of binding sites compared to small molecules.


Structure-based design allows disease treatments with higher specificity and less side effects.


Small peptides are often easier to synthesize and test in the wet lab.


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our team


our advisors

ProteinQure has found a very promising near-term use case and long-term vision for quantum computing and it's team has demonstrated extensive knowledge in quantum software development.

Yanbo Xue, Senior Deep Learning Researcher, D-Wave Systems

We expect drug development to be majorly impacted by quantum computing, and ProteinQure is one of the most promising teams we've seen.

Reed McBride, VP Business Operations, Rigetti Computing

Our Address

We are located in downtown Toronto; one of the fastest growing tech hubs in North America. At the heart of the university and life sciences ecosystems, we benefit from great relationships with the surrounding players in AI and biotech.

ProteinQure - Designing a healthier tomorrow

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Office Address: 119 Spadina Ave Suite 304, Toronto, ON M5V 2L1, Canada



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